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NABH award

Welcome to Shreeji Eye Clinic & Dental Care Centre, Mira Road


This Centre is NABH Accredited Eye & Dental hospital & has recently been ranked and listed as one of the best emerging clinics in Mumbai zone by Times Health Survey 2023 and also awarded with Navbharat Summit Award for the year 2023 for Excellence in Ophthalmology.


Shreeji Eye Clinic & Dental Care Centre Mira Road was established in the year 2012 for complete Eye & Dental Care with advanced technology in the region of Mira-Bhayander.

Over the years, the patient base at our clinic has grown steadily with lots of referrals from our own satisfied patients

At our centre, the guiding principle for achieving excellence in Eye & Dental Care is to provide service to all people who enter our portals with superspecialized Eye Care, honest clinical opinion & cutting edge technology.

Shreeji Eye Clinic & Dental Care Centre Mira Road is registered under Nursing Home Registration Act (Form C) .

Our Vision


To be a truly world-class institution offering the best in Eye and Dental Care with an experience that promotes a lifelong relationships built on trust ,quality of work and exceptional patient care.


Our Mission


At Shreeji , we are committed to provide excellence in all our service with super- specialised Eye and Dental Care with compassion quality and cutting-edge technology
To bring about change in life of all our patient by providing clear vision in creating healthy and beautiful smile everyday


Why Shreeji



1. Convenient location


Shreeji eye clinic and Dental Care Centre is conveniently located just one minute away next to Mira Road Station opposite TMT bus stop with availability of all modes of public transport.


2. World class centre in Mira Bhayandar in Eye & Dental Care


Fully equipped state-of-the-art Eye and Dental Care Centre with latest and advanced technology with super specialised and Dental Care Services under one roof.


3.One to one consultation with specialist doctor.


At Shreeji we believe in open communication .Every patient is attended by our Doctor Who specialises in their respective field with enough chair time to address their medical queries.


4. Compassionate and ethical work culture


At Shreeji ,all our patients are greeted with a warm smile with an extremely comforting ambience ,full of warm and personalized attention.
All our staff are trained in strong work ethical culture and service to our patient in their first priority.


5.Result oriented approach


Shreeji eye clinic and Dental Care Centre has been successful in providing excellent clinical and surgical outcome in all our patients. Since its inception our successful results can be attributed to our highly skilled team of doctors along with availability of modern machinery at our centre.










Paediatric Ophthlmology

Paediatric Ophthlmology

Intravitreal Injections

Intravitreal Injections

Diabetic Retinopathy

Diabetic Retinopathy


Eye Treatment Services

Retina Lasers And Surger

Retina Lasers And Surger

About Doctor’s Profile

dr kamlesh gupta

Dr. Kamlesh Gupta is a MBBS graduate from Topiwal National Medical College and BYL Nair Hospital Mumbai. He completed his Post graduation in Ophthalmology from Prestigious Dr. R.P Centre AIIMS (All India Institute of Medical Sciences).New India in the year 2007.

He did his Senior Residency & Long term Fellowship in Oculoplastic & Orbital Surgery at AIIMS.New Delhi for 3 years. He further underwent advanced training in Eye Plastic Surgery in Singapore and U.K. where he gained expertise in Cosmetic Eyelid Surgeries. Orbital disorder & Artificial Eye implantation.

He was Awarded with Best Senior Resident Award in the year 2010 followed by ICO Fellowship Award for training in cosmetic eye surgery at U.K. by International Council of Ophthalmology in 2011.

Dr. Kamlesh Gupta is a gifted eye surgeon with a high clinical & surgical acumen. He has vast surgical experience with excellent result in performing all types of Eye Microsurgery including Cataract surgery with Intraocular lens (IOL) Implantation with latest (phacoemulsification) system.

He also conducts Laser refractive surgery (LASIK) for Removal of Spectacles. Bladeless Femto Lasik and latest SMILE Technology for Laser Vision Correction.

He also treats various Eye Disorders like Glaucoma , Squint, Corneal Disorders, Keratoconus , Diabetic Eye Disorders like Diabetic Retinopathy.ARMD (age-related macular degeneration) and all kinds of Oculoplastic Surgeries.

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Shreeji Eye Clinic & Dental Care Centre Mira Road is an Ophthalmology (Eye Doctor) Clinic in Mira Road, Mumbai. 

Our Testimonials

My mom visited him because she had an eye infection and she was extremely pleased with the treatment and service. The doctor was patient, polite, friendly, explained the condition to her in detail. Her eye feels much better and she’s very happy with service she received. I highly recommend this clinic!

Neha Ghosh

Visited him for the very first time went for my eye surgery must say the doctor is very smart and quick in his work very polite explains everything related to certain issue clearly I would recommend him for any eye related issue plus the clinic was very well maintained and hygienic too


Doctor was very polite and courteous. He explained me the issue quite well. The staff was very cooperative and humble. The hygiene and safety was also impeccable.

Daniya Shaikh

Type of therapy doctor has given to my child was very much satisfactory as my daughter was suffering with summarise for more than 15 days I am very much thankful to the doctor


I had visited this clinic 4 years back for my mother's treatment for eyes, as she was suffering from blepharospasm. The doctor had suggested botox. But we gave no heed. The problem had became worse so far, so we visited the clinic again last month, and asked the doctor to give her botox. Now it's a month for this, and mother is feeling better than before. The doctor told to visit again for a follow up, and guess what, the doctor demanded no fees for follow up. I would suggest you to visit this clinic. I am sure you will feel happy and your health will improve. Get well soon.


Eye clinic is well organized and have reputed staffing.Had a cataract eye surgery by Dr Kamlesh Gupta. A highly qualified eye surgeon with good knowledge and with experienced hands to carry out the surgery. I recommend Dr Gupta for any eye related challenges to get them cured. 😀

Socorro Fernandes

We are coming here from many years for my daughter's eye check up. Dr kamlesh Gupta is an excellent opthalmologist and treats your eye very accurately and patiently. We are very happy and satisfied with the treatment provided by him.


This being my first visit I had a very good experience at Shreeji Eye Clinic. The staff was really co operative. The girls at the Reception were really helpful and the Optometrist was really patient and gave me enough time to check my vision. Dr Kamlesh Gupta is really proffesional and makes you comfortable. He answered all my questions and concerns. The clinic interiors are really nice.

Vijay Tolia


This What Our Patients Said

These are patient’s opinions and do not necessarily reflect the doctor’s medical capabilitie

Frequently Asked Questions

Yes, this center is equipped with state of the art advanced Phacoenulsification system for laser cataract surgery with latest premium multifocal and trifocal lenses for superior visual quality.

Usually for an adult, after 40 years of age they should get an eye check-up done at least once in a year, especially elderly people above 60 years of age, people having diabetes, hypertension, also people having family history of glaucoma should get an eye check-up done every year. Also, kids of school going age should get an eye test done at the time joining school and yearly thereafter.

Yes. Eye floaters are tiny specks and spots that keep floating in your field of vision. These are annoying at times but usually, are harmless. These occur when tiny pieces of the gel-like vitreous of your eyes break loose. However, if you notice flashing spots, or multiple black spots like 15-20 suddenly coming in front of your vision then you should immediately consult an eye doctor to rule out any weakness or lesion in your retina which can cause retinal detachment or bleeding into your eyes which can affect your vision.

The tears in your eyes keep them lubricated and moist. Dry eyes are caused when your eyes are not producing enough tears. You may notice pricking or foreign body like sensations into your eyes. Also, there can be blurred vision, light sensitivity, redness, and itching in your eyes, along with eyestrain Any disbalance in your tear-flow system can cause dry eyes. Other causes include the natural aging process, allergy, too much of computer, mobile screen exposure, conditions such as rheumatoid arthritis and collagen vascular diseases less blinking.

The doctor may give you artificial tears and ointments to keep your eyes lubricated. The doctor may even opt for a procedure called temporary punctal occlusion to treat your condition. Other options for dry eye treatment include IPL therapy and Lipiflow are also available.

The ideal candidate is over 19 years of age with healthy eyes and stable vision. . Lasik can be done up to the age of 40 years. LASIK treatment can correct a wide range of near-sightedness, farsightedness, and astigmatism.

Glaucoma is an eye disease in which pressure of your eyeball (intraocular pressure (IOP) ) increases and that damages your eye’s optic nerve. It usually happens when fluid builds up in the front part of your eye. That extra fluid increases the pressure in your eye, damaging the optic nerve and causing gradual decrease in vision leading to blindness, if not treated early.

Glaucoma is a silent thief of Sight, if not detected and treated early, it can lead to irreversible blindness. Glaucoma is usually controlled with eye drop medicine. Some cases, may require laser treatment or surgery. Best is to prevent eye damage due to glaucoma by doing regular eye check-up with intraocular pressure (IOP) measurements of your eyeball by your eye doctor.

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Dr. Kamlesh Gupta

MBBS, MD - Ophthalmology Ophthalmologist/ Eye Surgeon 20 Years Experience Overall (13 years as specialist)

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