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Age related macular degeneration

is a condition in which the central part of a retina called macula gets damaged, this affects your Central vision which is needed for reading, writing, driving, recognising people’s faces. It is the most common cause of vision loss in those over 60 years of age and it causes gradual loss of Central vision


        There are two types of ARMD

  • Dry ARMD
  • Wet ARMD


Wet ARMD is most severe but more treatable.  visual loss caused by ARMD cannot be completely reversed hence early diagnosis and treatment is very crucial.


In Dry ARMD, during normal aging process yellowish deposits called Drusens develop under the central part of the retina at the back of the eye


As drusen increase in size and number they interfere with proper functioning of the retina, damaging the light sensitive cells of the macular area


This results in blurring of Central vision and devastating impact on the ability to enjoy daily activities of life such as reading writing or even recognising face of a friend or family member


In Wet ARMD, abnormal blood vessels start growing behind the central part of the retina, that is macula. These blood vessels often leak blood and fluid, damaging the light-sensitive cells leading to loss of vision


 Although 80% of patients with ARMD have Dry ARMD form but Wet ARMD is responsible for around 90% of severe vision loss in this disease.





  • Blurring of vision
  • Difficulty in reading
  • Central black spot in the field of vision difficulty seeing in low light
  • Printed words are blurred


Patient can have visual distortions like the straight lines appearing Wavy and distorted or there can be sudden loss of Central vision


Risk factors


  • Age- the older you are the greater your risk
  • Cigarette smoking
  • Hypertension
  • Diet deficient in fruits and vegetables excessive Sun exposure


Diagnostic test


ARMD can be diagnosed by a complete dilated eye examination by your eye specialist


At Shreeji Eye Clinic, we have the latest scanning machine called OCT i.e. optical coherence tomography which provides cross sectional images of the retina at microns level and it can determine at a very early stage the increase in thickness or whether any blood or fluid which has leaked into the retinal tissue that happens in ARMD


Amsler Grid test is another way to detect ARMD which is available at our centre where the patients with ARMD sees broken, wavy or crooked lines


Visual Acuity test


Treatment of ARMD


There is no cure for ARMD but early detection and property treatment can protect further visual loss




At present there is no cure for Dry ARMD, but your doctor will advise you some vitamin or anti-oxidant supplements to slow its progression


Stopping cigarette smoking is beneficial


Weekly Amsler grid self-examination and regular follow up with your eye doctor is essential




Two types of  treatment are available


Intra vitreal injections like


  • Inj Avastin
  • Inj Razumab
  • Inj Accentrix (Ranibuzimab)
  • Inj Zaltrap
  • Inj Eyelea


Photodynamic Therapy is advocated in resistant cases of Wet ARMD not responding to intravitreal injections

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