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Oculoplastic Surgery & Cosmetic Eye Surgery

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Oculoplasty Surgery

Oculoplastic Surgery

Oculoplastic surgery and cosmetic eye surgery are specialized procedures performed by oculoplastic surgeons or ophthalmic plastic surgeons. These surgeries focus on the treatment of eye-related conditions affecting the eyelids (palaken), tear ducts, and surrounding structures.


Oculoplastic Surgery (Ophthalmic plastic surgery) : Oculoplastic surgery encompasses a variety of procedures aimed at correcting functional and cosmetic issues affecting the eyelids, eye sockets, tear ducts, and other structures around the eyes. Some common Oculoplastic procedures include:

  1. Eyelid surgery (Blepharoplasty)(palakkeesarjaree)
  2. Ptosis Surgery(palakjhukna)
  3. Entropion And Ectropion
  4. Orbital Fracture Surgery

Cosmetic Eye Surgery

Cosmetic Eye Surgery: Cosmetic eye surgery focuses on enhancing the appearance of the eyes and surrounding areas for aesthetic purposes. These procedures are typically elective and aim to address concerns such as wrinkles (jhurriyaan), bags under the eyes,or asymmetry. Some common cosmetic eye surgeries include:

  1. Eyelid Lift (Blepharoplasty) (Palakuthaana)
  2. Brow Lift
  3. Tear Trough Filler

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